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mermaid yay
popelizbet wrote in metaquotes
Over in ae_stories, mazzon makes with the aphorisms:

"Shoot a henchperson with a wrist-mounted taser, and you discipline them for a day, but shoot them with a wrist-mounted flechette launcher and you've disciplined them for the rest of their life."

Context must now reveal its evil plan.

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(Deleted comment)
Shoot them with a wrist-mounted rocket launcher and you've disciplined them and everyone within ten meters.

Well, we are talking supervillains, here.

I think this made me laugh more than the original post.

I generally try not to maim minions. How else am I going to finish my array of death ray sattelites?

Robots! They don't take breaks, they don't ask for raises, and if you break one (or more), you can always rebuild them.

But the hero might have a supergenius sidekick that can reprogram them to hurt me. D:

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