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Why padparadscha went to church today
yay jesus
kjpepper wrote in metaquotes
"You may be a little surprised that I am supporting someone enough to go to a church and hear all about how their mission to convert people to yet another silly belief system went. That is because you have not met my friend Heather. It is hard to describe Heather. You have to meet her to really believe it when I say she’s the nicest, sincerest person in the world. The best I can do is to say that, if Heather announced her decision to become a serial hitchhiking murderer, I would support her all the way and be sad if she came home and felt she hadn’t beheaded enough RVers. Such is the power of Heather."

Context wonders what exactly would happen if you crossed missionaries with axe murderers. qwpped.

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Context wonders what exactly would happen if you crossed missionaries with axe murderers.

Crusades? *eyes history*

Really? I was thinking Jim Jones.

"Most of history" was my thought.

*grin* You see my dilemma.

It's when the missionaries are the nice white guys in a given time and place you have to start worrying . . .

I was thinking, "Why would they need axes when they have smallpox blankets?"

I know the male version of Heather. Boy scout to the bone, never says anything harsher than 'darn', volunteers every spare hour he has, and is so religious his cells are probably cross-shaped. I don't even like religion that much and I think I'd take the wafer with a smile if he asked me nicely.

That said, the whole 'missionary' idea/philosophy troubles me. :/

I think the right scenario can work. I don't like the idea of "converting the heathens" or anything, but I'd do mission work if it involved more of the "helping people" than the "preach at them" part. Mission work can do genuine good for people, because certain groups do go overseas with the intent of bringing food and vaccines and such in addition to Christianity. And if you go there with the right mindset (that is, "I'm not here to change their minds or culture, but to give them things they need and possibly expose them to another religion") and a healthy respect for the people involved, I think you can do an awful lot of good for people in need.

The biggest thing, though, is that the ones going overseas have to respect the people they're working with -- you can't think of yourself as superior to them. And, honestly, the missionaries that I know do respect and love the people they've worked with. In fact, at my old church, the missionary couple were the most open-minded and accepting people there. I guess it just depends on the person.

"I'm not here to change their minds or culture, but to give them things they need and possibly expose them to another religion"

Yup. I'm a Christian, and that's my idea of Missionary work :) Showing is more powerful than telling anyways--not just the major religions, but any way of life. If you see someone enjoying themselves and genuinely happy with how things are going for them and they AREN'T going well for you, you might be inclined to wonder if there's something going on in their heads that might work for you as well.

Religion and mental health fads all tend to work on the same core desire: finding peace and happiness one way or another.

If you had some good news or something happened to you in your life that just made you feel amazing and at peace with yourself, why wouldn't you want to share that with others? Most missionaries aren't working to recruit people for their religion, but to show others how it has worked for them, and there's no harm in wanting to do that, especially if you're doing humanitarian aid at the same time.

Didn't you guys read the Chick Tracts up here a few days ago? God doesn't care if you do good deeds, in fact you could be a murderer. You'll only get into heaven if you are spreading the word of God and trying convert the Catholics and Jews and Muslims and stuff, and accepting Jesus into your heart.

That being said, I prefer your kind of missionary work. I think it is the whole actually helping others that will make the world a better place.

See, last time I checked, Catholics are Christian too...

(that's sarcasm directed at the Chick Tracts, not you!)

I used to also. But then I read the Chick Tracts, and it opened my eyes in whole new ways. I assume playing Magic is very similar to playing Dungeons and Dragons, so many of my friends are real witches and kill babies and stuff. But, I think all the trouble might have started with those Harry Potter books I read.

Something I still love to think about is a story that one of my high school classmates wrote for the school's fiction anthology. Characters who died went to the Pearly Gates, and no matter how wonderful, generous, and virtuous, they were all sent to hell because they were not baptized (a newborn baby, for example). The last character, a convicted murderer and rapist, was sent through to heaven because he confessed all his sins to a priest before his death sentence. The very last sentence of the story was: "And so it went. Nietzsche."

No we're not, we're dirty, dirty pagans!

Heh. The Chick Tracts make me alternate between laughing, weeping, and wanting to throw up. Sometimes combinations of the three!

The problem is that the people often vary--I know Catholics who would respect the local traditions and be more interesting in funding educational, medicinal, and nutritional aids than yelling about Jesus. Just as I know Catholics who would trample local practices, suppress local languages, and generally lay down the law that Western Culture Is more Virtuous Than Yours. If secular aid programs could be as widely-loved and -funded as missionary ones? That'd be cool. But it's easier to ask a church to give cash for spreading the Word than it is to request the general populace for the same thing.

It's a hard and tricky thing, but missionaries make me nervous. Way too much bad history behind it for me to be entirely comfortable.

"...torn-up Wonder Bread and tapwater." FTW!

*Within the context. Sometimes reading context in its entirety pays off!

**hint-hint ;)

(Deleted comment)
Reefer Madness icon! YES! :D

Context wonders what exactly would happen if you crossed missionaries with axe murderers.

...rule 34?

*snrrrrrk* and /thread.

This Heather approves of the other Heather.

I'm not a serial hitch-hiking murder either.

*also-Heather-approval fistbump*

I'll be quoting this in my LJ 'cause I'm a Heather too (and so are at least three people on my flist), but also because padparadscha's friend reminds me of my friend CC from high school. She was quiet, and sweet, and super-religious, and everyone liked her. So much so that one day when she wasn't feeling well, she quietly asked one of the loudest, most obnoxious guys in class to please be quiet, she had a headache--and she never asks anything of anyone--that the entire class was near-silent the whole period. I don't believe in pure good, but she's as close as I've ever seen. :)

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