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Raider of the Lost...Er.. Lactation?
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bunnyjadwiga wrote in metaquotes
marag has an adventurous infant:

Breastfeeding is an adventure. Here's how it goes every single time:

Barak: I am the great hunter, searching for the milk. I can smell it here somewhere.
Me: Uh, that's my shirt.
B: But if I fling myself at it, perhaps milk will appear!
M: Not so much.
M: Okay, okay, I'm getting out the boob.
M: Here you go, kiddo.
B: [turning head around like an owl] You lied, there is no milk here.
M: No, it's over here.
B: [turning head and smushing face into Boppy] There is still no milk, and boy, am I getting mad.
M: [sigh] No, over here.
B: Aha! I have found the fabled lost booby of Tutankhamen!
M: Good for you. Now drink the damn milk.
B: But first I must savor the moment.
M: Whatever.
B: I must lick it a few times.
M: Great.
B: I must lick it a few more times.
M: Get on with it already!
B: I must rub my face all over the booby.
M: Argl.
B: But I am getting hungry! Wah! I want milk!
M: The milk's right here, you miniature nincompoop.
B: Why, that's strange, there is this white substance leaking all over my face. Whatever could it be? And where is my milk?
M: Oy. Kiddo, you need to put the boob in your mouth for this whole thing to work. [shoves nipple into his mouth]
B: Wow! There's milk here! Maybe if I suck on it, I might get more! [finally settles in to drink]
M: You are so weird.


(Deleted comment)

Also, am in love with the fact that baby's name is Barak.

::grin:: It's biblical! And also historically cool at this moment :) It was a win-win situation for us.

(Deleted comment)
This is very familiar. I especially enjoy the whole "I can't nurse right now, because I must finish telling you how VERY HUNGRY I am" subroutine that sometimes goes along with it.

Oh lordy yes. Barak will actually start to drink and then stop in order to scream so that I will understand just how starving he is. That's when I find myself arguing with a two-month-old and I realize I need to get out of the house.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Kiddo's name makes me grin. And the quote itself is gold. *gigglefit*

Ah, I so remember those days :-)

And I <3 that your baby is Barak.

So much win!

::grin:: The name is biblical, and happens to come from the same portion as our daughter's name. And it's historically cool, so win-win for us!

(Deleted comment)
My husband once got the baby stuck to his nose. He thought she was making kissy faces (at 2 months old) and got a little too close.

(Deleted comment)
The milk's right here, you miniature nincompoop.


(Deleted comment)
Yes, but does Baby Barak sing while he eats?

(my four would get to humming and cooing as they ate, very noisy)

This is hilarious and brings back a lot of memories.

He squeaks and squawks, sounding exactly like a squeaky door, so much so that visitors will look around for what's opening. Cracks me up every time :)

BWAhahahahaha! Brilliant! Thanks for this. ♥

This is great! I'm currently nursing also and wonder why he'll let go and turn his face down, trying to suck from my stomach.

I'm adding this to my memories.

This made me ROFLcopter arounf the whole room.

Oh, the memories! My youngest is 7, so it's been awhile since I've had to deal with it.

I think the most vivid memory I have of nursing is my youngest son's ability to be very easily distracted and nearly ripping my nipple of fwhen something caught his attention.

"HEY! Whatssat overthere!" turns head at least 90 degrees.

"Hey, get back here with my nipple!"

Just goes to show guys of all ages get stupid when confronted with boobs.

But, adorable.

That's worthy of a meta-meta, methinks.

I laughed irl. God, this is just priceless.


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