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turn that racket down!

happydog is not a fan of today's pop music:

I could live in a universe without Katy Perry music quite comfortably. And all the other little squeaky mice that sound like her, whoever they are. Squeep squeep squeep. And that was Katy Perry singing I Squeeped a Squeep. Now here's Christina Aguilera with her big hit Squeepity Squeep Bum Bum Cha. Wasn't that amazing and now here's three in a row with Avril Lavigne and her Squeep-Punk anthem, "Squeep You You Squeeping Squeep."


But how many times do you insult the Holy Spirit of Music before she disappears and we are left with Katy Perry chirp chirp empty or Hannah Montana the void or the Jonas Brothers the vast well of the anti-void eating void and voiding? I suppose people said the same thing about rock and roll once but they were Fucking Wrong. I knew a guy who quit playing guitar when Jimi Hendrix's "Are You Experienced" came out because he said that if that was what guitar playing was all about now, he wanted no part of it, and he knew that's what guitar playing would become. He also joined a cult church and didn't pay taxes to the government but that's another story.

QWP, Context just wants that old time rock and roll.
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