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turn that racket down!
safe sex, bad puns
supremegoddess1 wrote in metaquotes
happydog is not a fan of today's pop music:

I could live in a universe without Katy Perry music quite comfortably. And all the other little squeaky mice that sound like her, whoever they are. Squeep squeep squeep. And that was Katy Perry singing I Squeeped a Squeep. Now here's Christina Aguilera with her big hit Squeepity Squeep Bum Bum Cha. Wasn't that amazing and now here's three in a row with Avril Lavigne and her Squeep-Punk anthem, "Squeep You You Squeeping Squeep."


But how many times do you insult the Holy Spirit of Music before she disappears and we are left with Katy Perry chirp chirp empty or Hannah Montana the void or the Jonas Brothers the vast well of the anti-void eating void and voiding? I suppose people said the same thing about rock and roll once but they were Fucking Wrong. I knew a guy who quit playing guitar when Jimi Hendrix's "Are You Experienced" came out because he said that if that was what guitar playing was all about now, he wanted no part of it, and he knew that's what guitar playing would become. He also joined a cult church and didn't pay taxes to the government but that's another story.

QWP, Context just wants that old time rock and roll.

THIIIIIIIIIS. This this this.

*snoogles her Eagles and Boston and Jimmy Buffett records* I can has real music.

Hey. Hey.

Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days.


Everybody know wh-what I'm talkin' 'bout. Everybody gets that way!

Not that I disagree with OP at all, however I also believe it is a sure sign we are all getting old :(

You are now realizing that 1990 was nearly twenty years ago.

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Biphobic and homophobic lyrics aside, I don't mind Katy Perry all that much in a musical sense, and the Jonas Brothers can be entertaining at times.

Hannah Montana makes me want to take a cheesegrater to my ears.

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What I really want is for all those pop kids to find someone else to sing about other than Romeo and Juliet. (Not Richard III or anything, because it's hard to find enough rhymes for 'evil uncle', but could we have some songs featuring Beatrice and Benedick? Titania and Oberon? Hermia and Demetrius, Helena and Lysander? Please?)

Good lord, how much would A Midsummer Night's Dream apply to all those insipid high school dramas? "Leik zomg i like this boy, but he likes my bff4eva, and SHE likes tihs other boy who is on the football team with the boy i like and TEHY'RE friends, and zomg it is sooooooo complicatedddd!!"

...that hurt my brain just to type out.

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I actually think Christina Aguilera has raw talent. It's her riffing I can't stand. That, and her terrible vocal technique. But girl puts on a good live show.

Katy Perry on the other hand. PUT ON SOME DAMN PANTS. AND NO LEGGINGS DON'T COUNT. We get it. You're retro and edgy and shocking! and oh so twee! You probably have a lollipop in your bag right now! But Betty Boop you are not, and your lyrics aren't cute.

*mops up*

Unfortunately, a lot of these people seem to have raw talent - but then the producers get hold of them, spoil, flatter and manipulate them, and before you know it you've got another one squeezed into a mold squeezing out another track of whatever counts as pop, just waiting to explode in a storm of drama once they finally decide they can make their own decisions (badly).

Unless you buy the theory that Disney is creating these people in tubes.

I honestly don't know what these people sound like (omigod they all seem to be girls ;-;) because I am too busy loving My Brightest Diamond, Little Birdy and the Decemberists. <3

On the other hand this probably means I have my head under a rock.

but then on the upside that particular rock underside is dominated by awesome music.

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I always skip that song it's the really terrible stand out on an otherwise enjoyably mindless pop album.

Duffy, she sounds like an old fashioned computer trying to sing.Repellant.

Shut up I will cut you "Mercy" is awesome. :(

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All the time I've spent defending stuff I liked to my older parents...curmudgeonly is not the place I want to go. It doesn't mean I like every artist marketed to my age groups, it just means I don't want to turn into my parents! D:

I could live in a universe without Katy Perry music quite comfortably

Just thinking about how much lower my blood pressure would be makes me happy.

I actually like Christina Aguilera, but AMEN to the rest of it.

Everyone has their tastes and fluffy candy can be fun sometimes, but it'd just be nice, like, if radio had anything else on it just occasionally.

What? What sort of radio are you listening to that that's all it plays?

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See, I love today's pop music. But only the stuff that comes out of Korea, or Japan, or Finland, or somewhere NOT THE U.S. Ahahaha. xD

Of course, having said that, my favourite music is from '90s anime. Virtual Star Hasseigaku and Konya wa Hurricane FTW.

Word. K-pop is awesome. It's fluffy and happy and the best part is that I have no idea what anyone is saying, so even if the lyrics are as gratingly awful as American pop, it'll never harsh my musical mellow :D