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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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I also recently read that they're genetically 98% vampire.
Bite me. -Toph
rashaka wrote in metaquotes
goldy_dollar on Doctor Who fandom:

-I have decided that whenever I come across accusations that Rose fans are wanky, I am going to close my eyes and THINK OF THE LOOMS. I mean, really, fandom? You come up with this elaborate backstory where fully grown Time Lords randomly POP OUT OF LOOMS just to have an explanation for why your main character MUST NOT HAVE SEX UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and it is all based on some spin-off book that clearly has NO BASIS IN CANON WHATSOEVER. But Rose fans are wanky? Okay, then.

I find this endlessly amusing. Hahaha. Looooooooooms.

Context is for the weak, like sleep. I still think weaving is an inaccurate metaphor for genetics.

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Re: But yea yelling loooooooms randomly is awesome and amusing

Which is still ALL crack-fic, because even in his earlier lives, he spoke of being a Child on Gallifrey.

1 had Susan, his grandaughter. 2 spoke of his family and how- if he concentrated he could see them again in his mind. 3 spoke of going up the hill behind his house to see the old hermit. 4 spoke of that same hermit, and the stories he used to tell....
So yeah- Loooooms! are a great way to poke people, but they are completely crack.

Re: But yea yelling loooooooms randomly is awesome and amusing

Means little. Bear in mind, this was all part of the Cartmel Masterplan, which, as I understand it, had both the Other's memories, and the Doctor's own childhood.


So the family could be either.

As I said upthread, I tend to ignore the books, but I could see the Time Lords "weaving" the next generation to ensure genetic stability.

It makes some sense. Time Lords are a cold, almost unfeeling lot. If they've mastered genetics, and Rassilon was, by all accounts, an atheist of the highest order, then his sweeping away of the Old Gods in the name of science could have included a kibosh on intimacy. Away with random genetic flux! The children shall be woven like cloth on a loom, free of disease, of imperfection! Passion supressed by logic, bodies covered in robes, compassion has been crushed under the heel of . . . oh, I can't think of a word. The Time Lords basically walled themselves off from the rest of the universe, post Rassilon and it might have been for the best.

What it all boils down to is, the Doctor is a genetic accident, who, by rights never should have been born and the Rani is actually closer to the Time Lord ideal then I suspect even the Time Lords care to admit.

As for the Master, well he's just nuts.

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