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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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I also recently read that they're genetically 98% vampire.
Bite me. -Toph
rashaka wrote in metaquotes
goldy_dollar on Doctor Who fandom:

-I have decided that whenever I come across accusations that Rose fans are wanky, I am going to close my eyes and THINK OF THE LOOMS. I mean, really, fandom? You come up with this elaborate backstory where fully grown Time Lords randomly POP OUT OF LOOMS just to have an explanation for why your main character MUST NOT HAVE SEX UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and it is all based on some spin-off book that clearly has NO BASIS IN CANON WHATSOEVER. But Rose fans are wanky? Okay, then.

I find this endlessly amusing. Hahaha. Looooooooooms.

Context is for the weak, like sleep. I still think weaving is an inaccurate metaphor for genetics.

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I know nothing about Doctor Who, but anything, anything, mentioning looms makes me think of this exchange from Green Wing:

A ‘sabot’, or the ‘sabot’ was a kind of wooden clog, it’s worn by impoverished French workers. And as a protest against the Jacquard Loom, which they thought would take away their jobs, they’d throw their sabots, or wooden clogs, into the delicate machinery to destroy its working, from which we get the modern word ‘sabotage’.

Yeah, right, now you’ve harshed my buzz, have you got a point?

Well if your plan to move in with Caroline is in any way an attempt to sabotage our relationship, I will hit you in the fucking face with a big wooden clog!

I love you for referencing this.

And I love you for the Oliver Twist Oliver Tit Tit Brain icon!

I do love that exchange. There is very little sexier than Mac putting on a French accent.

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