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I also recently read that they're genetically 98% vampire.
Bite me. -Toph
rashaka wrote in metaquotes
goldy_dollar on Doctor Who fandom:

-I have decided that whenever I come across accusations that Rose fans are wanky, I am going to close my eyes and THINK OF THE LOOMS. I mean, really, fandom? You come up with this elaborate backstory where fully grown Time Lords randomly POP OUT OF LOOMS just to have an explanation for why your main character MUST NOT HAVE SEX UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and it is all based on some spin-off book that clearly has NO BASIS IN CANON WHATSOEVER. But Rose fans are wanky? Okay, then.

I find this endlessly amusing. Hahaha. Looooooooooms.

Context is for the weak, like sleep. I still think weaving is an inaccurate metaphor for genetics.

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it can't be totally canon or it would contradict itself.

In that case, none of Who is canon! Who contradicts itself. Who always contradicts itself. Books, movies, radio plays, TV series, comics, they all contradict themselves even within their own media. Who is made of painting into a corner, ripping the canvas open to escape, and leaving great rents that are ignored while flinging about more paint ala Jackson Pollack. That is the nature of Who. It is crack with a budget.

"That is the nature of Who. It is crack with a budget."


Or sometimes crack without a budget, like the episode entirely shot in a tourist shuttle.

Which takes us straight back to the original post. >D

Not all budgets are big.

Creation wackiness =/= fan wank.

So, so true.

And the nature of Who fandom, for all the time that I've actually taken any notice of it, has been to attempt to construct a canonical whole out of all these disparate source materials written over a period of fortysomething years by people who wouldn't have known (or cared about) the difference between continuity and continuance.

My hypothesis, backed up by a certain amount of dabbling in the fandom myself, is that people do this because it's fun.

That is the nature of Who. It is crack with a budget.

A very small budget, which often necessitates making do with whatever's available and thus adding ever-more insanity because it's all they could afford at the time.

It's like the McGuyver of television. We will create a show using string, a trashcan, and strings of Christmas lights! Next week we'll use toilet paper tubes, a swimming pool, and cornstarch.

And we'll tell people that those various ingredients do the same thing, thus spinning off fic and fixits for the next 15 years!

I was watching the local PBS station's run of Who with a British friend, back in the early '90s. The station announced a pledge drive prize - a trip to England to tour shooting locations for Who. We turned to each other, blinked, and in perfect unison said "Quarries?"

It's all canon, just not all at the same time.

Some of it was canon in the past, and other bits will have been canon at some point in the future, but they haven't happened yet. Because of the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey thing.

Exactly. If your watching something, it's canon now but it might not be tomorrow.

An enormously accurate portrayal of the series. Indeed.

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