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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Typos, and The Hunter
rosin_dubh wrote in metaquotes
In which an innocent request by the_hunter...

"I've been rather taken up with a hobby these last few days...I'm trying to improve, extend and expand my photography skills...
So, over the last week I have been admiring from a distance the hand-carved Swiss cuckoo clock that my boss's boss's boss has sat on his desk.

It is truly a thing of beauty...hand carved characters, maiinly mice, articulated and automated, they dance, carry out different jobs, move in random fashions, while a whole carrilon of bells plays tunes, and the obligatory cuckoo jumps out and announces the hour. It may sound tacky, but in fact it is both tasteful, stylish and incredibly well executed, and hand painted and gilded it is genuinely an object to be admired.

So, today I emailed Geoff to ask if I could, over my dinner hour perhaps, set up my camera and get some decent pictures of it...


Just as I pressed *send* my eye caught this sentence...

*I have long admired your magnificent cock, and would dearly love to get some photographs of it, at your convenience*

Your *cock*

Please God, make that didn't happen!!!


Just sent a further email...

*Dear Geoff, please find enclosed the letter l. If you look at my last email you may find a place where that letter belongs, which may cast an entirely different light on our implied social dynamic. Best wishes etc....*

Oh Gods..."

Quoted in its entirety and enjoying the comments mightily. (flocked, qwp)

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
If I was Geoff, I'd be so amused by the fairly graceful typo correction follow up, I'd almost feel obligated to let TheHunter shoot the clock. :-D That's awesome.

Dear the_hunter,

I was not aware that you knew I raised chickens.

Dear Geoff,

This can only get worse...at no stage am I being involved in minding then when you go on holiday...I am not going to be accused, after the *cock* incident, of watching yer pullet....

Love...erm, I mean Best Wishes,

The Hunter

Thing the first: I second the declaration of epic.

Thing the second: When/why the username change?

1. Thank you, thank you.

2. Name change is a few weeks old now, and I decided I needed to separate my handle from my name. Nice of you to notice.

Ah. I was also curious as to how you did it without the old name redirecting automatically. Or, if you didn't use a rename token, how you managed to move the whole thing over without losing your mind.

I really hope his response is something like "I thought it was rather average myself..."

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