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t3h_toby_chan wrote in metaquotes
brownie_utonium  explaining why Adam is a whiny gullible slacker.
  • God, I'm bored, make me someone to play with! ...God, Lilith ran away because I wouldn't let her be on top!! Make me ANOTHER ONE who does what I say! ....Oh, what's that Eve? You want me to eat this apple? You mean the one God specifically told me not to eat? Oh, ok. ....WAAAH GOD LOOK WHAT EVE DID. SHE MADE ME EAT THE APPLEEEE

discusses philosophical animoo.

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Omg I'm like a superstar now or something!

I had that feeling the *one* time I got meta-quoted, too. Don't worry, though. It's appropriately fleeting and capricious.

Ohhh... this reminds me of something from Sandman. It's just Eve (yes, that Eve) telling a story about Adam's wives (of which there are three).

It's in Fables And Reflections... which I think is Book 6 in the series.

Three! Who was the other one? I knew about Lilith, and I love to spring her on people when they try to convert me.

(Deleted comment)
That's OK, I went to church with a lady friend of mine, and they were talking about the Book of Daniel. You know, wiseman, reads the writing on the walls, has a gold chain from a great king, etc.

I'm THIS close to saying out loud "Hey, they have StarGate references in the Bible!" and then stopped myself before I could be a retard in public.


Well, he was raised by a single parent, what can you expect?


:( it's alright, platypus, we love you down here anyway

Well I'll never think of Adam the same way again. That damn whiny slacker.

Shut up and get a job, Adam!

"But--but--I've just gone and named every species in this stupid garden--"

(Deleted comment)
I've been involved in several conversations involving God, Lilith, Adam, and the eventual creation of Eve. Common consensus? God and Adam are dicks, Eve is highly gullible, and Lilith was the founding member of female rights.

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