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elenfair chronicles her day thusfar...
that's not a good sound
conjurdude wrote in metaquotes
7) Mr. and Ms. O'Robin have finally stopped divebombing my bay window and opted NOT to set up camp in my shrubs out front. It was seriously getting old, after a few hours of them desperately trying to get into the house that way. *thunk* Still a window. *thunk* Yep, still a window. *THUNK* Damn it, Ned! *THUNK* You're right, Stella, still a window. *THUNK* Are you sure? *THUNK* Yep. Try it yourself? *THUNK* AAAH! *THUNK*

Context is kind of bird-brained...or full of brained birds...

(unlocked, and QWP)

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(Snerk!) The cats must have been going INSANE...

Put a net under the window - free cat food!

(Deleted comment)
"Oh, you don't want bay windows. That will give you.. er.. .birds."

meta-meta Tim Curry reference FTW!

Better than being divebombed every time you use the front door, which is happening to my ILs right now. A swallow decided the little area right above their front door would be PERFECT for a nest and so now, every time somebody uses the front door, they get attacked by kamikaze birdies.

I'm giggling so hard at the *THUNK* AAAH! *THUNK* part. ^_^

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