All emo from my impeachment (brooding_soul) wrote in metaquotes,
All emo from my impeachment

From kueble's journal, a conversation she and I had:

Kueble: We got free condoms in our mailboxes from planned parenthood. My first thought was to save it in case I ever have sex. Then I laughed at myself. My second thought was to blow it up like a balloon. It's honeydew flavoured. Fucking honeydew. My roommate got raspberry. No one wants me to have sex, let alone good flavoured sex.
Kueble: I have it here though. It's on my desk, in case.
Brood: Sweet.
Kueble: But HONEYDEW!
Brood: Honeydew is sweet...
Kueble: It's an old people condom. Like it should be served with a side of grapefruit dental dam.
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