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accept christ playstation
gwalla wrote in metaquotes
fishbulb42 collects Chick Tracts:

I'm not sure why I enjoy locating them. Some are unintentionally pretty funny, like the one that speaks out about that rock and roll the kids are into these days, but that's sadly the minority of them. I'd like to be able to say that there's a noble motivation behind it, like trying to keep them from actually causing someone harm, but it's more just the enjoyment of finding these bizarre artifacts that have been scattered around. It's like a year-round Easter egg hunt. Except with racist, homophobic, hatefully intolerant eggs.
Context's intense occult training through D&D prepared Debbie to enter a witches' coven. Flocked, QWP.

I love Chick tracts. They've only gotten better over the years. And now they make them for colored people too! Jesus really does love me.

Not just for colored people - for Injuns, too! God loves them and their simple, illiterate minds. (Seriously - they took a children's tract and replaced the kids with Native Americans. Helloooo condescension!)

But I don't want to be Elfstar anymore! I want to be Debbie!

Eta: Also, AIDS spontaneous manifests whenever two men have sex with each other? That's pretty magical.

Edited at 2009-04-21 04:40 pm (UTC)

I was just coming in here to comment on that one. "I'm gonna give them a little wedding present... some AIDS!"

I... I just... I need to sit down.

...Huh. The "homophobic" one linked to in the thread features a little girl telling the story of Lot being visited by the angels in Sodom, and Lot giving the angels shelter -- and how noble he was in protecting the angels from the other people of Sodom.

However, somehow Jack Chick leaves out the part where Lot tries to protect the angels by offering them his two virgin daughters instead. I wonder if we should point that out to him?

Duh, that's not sodomy so it's alright.

Half the men in my family are priests, and all of them are massively embarrassed by the mere existence of Jack Chick. I guess there's only so many times one can say, 'No, we don't believe that stuff, he's just a crazy fuckhead who likes to pretend he's Christian' before one finally just gets fed up and tries to strangle oneself with a thurible chain.

We're gonna Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock with the ROCK!

Large clutch of them to be occasionally found on the mezzanine level next to the escalators between the A/C/E, 7 train, and 1/2/3 train subway station platforms at Times Square, for those New Yorkers who might be interested.

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I've probably told this story before, but I am incredibly amused by the fact that someone tries to distribute Chick Tracts at my school. By sticking them in glass-front bulletin boards. Nobody can get them out or read anything but the title, and once the people in charge of the bulletin boards find them they take them out. It's so self-defeating.

I think that says it all right there.

Isn't this hate more Lew Siffer's work than anything else? Just my opinion. Of course, as a transgender, homosexual, self-injuring, rock loving, semi-goth, part Native American witch I guess I'm really one of THEM and no one should trust my manipulative arguments.

Are Roman Catholics Christians?

What? WHAT

*checks calendar* It's 2009 right? Not the 1500s, right?

watch out for the death cookie

(Deleted comment)
Damn, I have to go read some at the site now. I forgot how absolutely insane they are. Thankfully I've never seen them out in print. My head would probably explode.

What's really surreal is when you've seen an extra-crazy, legendary one online, and find that in physical form, staring up at you from a bus seat or tip jar or what have you.

It is even more of a "the Internet has escaped into the real world" moment than Rick Astley at the Macy's parade.

My favorite was the D&D one. As a gamer, I can *guarantee* you that if playing RPGs gave one access to mind-control spells, the geeks in every high school would be the ones banging the cheerleaders.

Or the football players. Depends which gender and sexuality we're talking here. ;)

OH EM GEE! I can't read all of them now because I'm at work, but the rock and roll one just killed me!

He gave them "some" AIDS. Not "a little bit" of AIDS or "a lot" of aids. Just "some".

I collected Chick tracts when I was in college. I think I still have a small library of 'em.

And your context quote -- I made a userpic out of the very same phrase.

Hee, who hasn't had fun with Dark Dungeons?

(Deleted comment)
I wouldn't worry about it too much.

A friend of a friend attended a religious school and decided to write a research project on the effectiveness of tracts. This friend of a friend is very Evangelical, wants to convert people, and came into the project believing that it would prove to be a moderately to largely successful tactic. After weeks of research and interviews, he came to the conclusion that the number people who are actually converted by these tracts is infinitesimally small. In fact, he could not find a single person who had been converted. At all. And he was looking really hard. I felt justified.

(Deleted comment)
I could use a laugh, but I don't want that hateful shit in my browser history. Hmm. Choices.

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