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Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly
gonadsandstrife wrote in metaquotes
On the OHNY feed, sola visualizes a modern reboot of Passover:

I also pictured Jesus going door to door with a hatchet over his shoulder, knocking. Like a stoner stumbling around the neighborhood looking for Cheetos.

"Got any firstborn in there? Noooo? Okaaaaay." [shuffles to next house. "Aww, these peple have blood on their door. No snacks." [shuffles on.]


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Needs more pirate, ninja, and robot.

Throw in a dash of Jedi, a pinch of Zeus and stir in Getafix's Magic Potion. You'll have a body of Christ fit for any supper, last or not.

Made much more sense once I read the context. That said, hilarious. Also reminds me of this version of Jesus at Passover.

That is massively, crazily awesome.

Am drunk enough that this Jesus is now my personal Jesus.

(says the Catholic)

Your own personal Jesus

Someone to hear your prayers, someone who cares?

And because I saw that icon, stoner-jesus now sounds like Nathan Fillion.

its 9am, and I've already found what I hope is the wierdest mental image I have today

I could totally get behind Nathan Fillion as Jesus. He'd be the best Jesus ever!

Passion of the Christ meets Night of the Living Dead meets Life of Brian.

Someone find me a good writer, and Nathan Fillion's agent.

I cannot speak for good, but I'm a writer! And I can pretend to be an agent!

Whoa whoa whoa.
Whoa whoa.


Oh, Hai There!
Fancy seeing you in a place like this.

I've been in this comm for like 3 years o.O

I know :p seen yer comments a few times before. :p

...that truly is a weird mental image.

Aww, my very first MQ. And it was an offhand jesus-eats-babies-joke; typical. Xd

The context was submitted to OHNY by someone I am friends with. THE INTERNET IS WEIRD.

(Deleted comment)
I did find this funny, but.... This feed is allowed for quotes, but not things like Neil Gaiman's journal feed? Wow. Okay.

(Deleted comment)
No idea, but I thought that, since the comments are connected to the feeds, that they would be treated as part of it? I could be wrong, of course, but that's the way I saw it. :/

The comments exist only on LiveJournal (they're not a mirror of blog comments elsewhere), if that's what you mean.

No, I didn't. What I meant by their connection to the feed is that they're commenting on it, which I thought was also against the rules, as a kind of extension of the rule against feeds.

No at far as I know. the rule is that content quoted in MQ must originate on LJ (it doesn't even have to be unique to it). The feed did not originate on LJ (it's syndicated) the LJ comments to the feed did.

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