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dome69 believes in the power of vagina
lady_sesstra wrote in metaquotes

Pussy: you wish you had this power

I get really tired of hearing men, particularly straight men, calling other men "pussies" so as to suggest one's weakness or lack of valor. This makes no sense. I'm sure I could safely speak for other ladies out there on this matter, but I'll keep it personal as I can. In my experience, my pussy has certainly made men weak---swooning, crooning and begging for a taste, a touch, even just a peek. It makes 'em get all soft and vulnerable, often to the point of becoming whiny (not necessarily attractive, but often quite amusing). Even dude's who act like, oh I don't know, that they're all tough and like you owe them pussy or something sing a WHOLE different tune behind closed doors. And all bets are off once they're actually gettin' that sweet, warm vagi-hug. Need I offer some quotes? Perhaps I could imitate the various faces, moans and breathing patterns that ensue once they've been met with grace...(Hint: its not something that would make me want to send someone out to battle.) And then there's the post-coitus collapse, when ya'll can't move and your energy is all drained while, funny enough, the pussy is rip-roarin and ready to go for more rounds. So can we drop the whole "quit being such a pussy" act. You guys have got it all backwards. I think psychologists call this linguistic phenomenon "projection".

And since we're on the topic of projection, let's talk nuts. The testicles are the most sensitive part of a man's body. Ya'll sit down wrong, get bumped or enter cold water and you're grabbin your junk whimpering. So quit equating being brave, strong, courageous or aggressive with "having balls". Its the most hilarious and painfully contradictory expression we have in the English language.

If we really want to honor an organ in the human body as being rough, aggressive or strong, it ought to be the uterus. Throughout the month spiral-shaped cells lining the uterine wall fill with blood and fat and other yummy things until they are so swollen that they literally explode in a glorious red jubilee, the entire outter uterine lining being destroyed as a result. To cleanse this massacre of blood, fat and lining the uterus contracts over and over again to push that shit out. Furthermore, the uterus, for the majority of the menstrual cycle, is a hostile environment for creating life. If it does decide to sustain life (roughly 60% of conceptions are rejected by the uterus i.e. the uterus performs a sort of auto-abortion for the majority of fertilized eggs that invade its territory), it can stretch itself out from pear size to human baby size AND contract hard enough to expell such heavy contents, to say nothing of protecting and nourishing the damn thing for 9 months. That said, it is one strong and often brutal motherfuckin organ. I dare you to say that about a certain sensitive friend of ours, "the balls".

Context has got some serious uterus.

All I can say is Hells to the Yes.

But unfortunately being a 'pussy' means you are a women, so no matter the power of having a pussy, women are, as we all know, meant to be weak and sensitive and clearly 'lacking balls'.

I am for my part quite glad that I lack balls. I got guts enough inside my body, thank you very much. Also, sure, my uterus is strong and awesome, but I wish that for once it would stop complaining while throwing out that shit once a month! Be a man, geesh.

...and I know that 'pussy' refers to being like a woman when you call someone a pussy, but somehow I can't stop imagining it more like this:

(And hey, pussy is meant to be eaten.)

She has some serious good points too. I wonder how " You got uterus" will catch on.

I think I'm going to try it out with my colleagues today. Ofcourse, I'll have to show them this post afterwards to explain.

Lends a whole new mental image to the phrase 'sac up'.

Edited at 2009-04-14 08:33 am (UTC)

Pussy: you wish you had this power

No, I really, really don't.

As a gay dude with lots of straight girlfriends, I can tell you that nothing fucks up a relationship faster than a girl with "my pussy gives me magical princess powers and you will worship me" issues. Straight men will only put up with being brow-beaten for pussy so long before they move on to less annoying pastures.

I mean, think about it. You were willing to fuck him. Some other girl will be, too. Your vagina is not made of solid gold lined in rainbows, and if you keep treating him like shit because you think your pussy makes you the boss, he will eventually leave you every time.

Now, how about a relationship based on mutual respect instead of "my sex organs enslave you"?

De-soapboxing now.

Now, how about a relationship based on mutual respect instead of "my sex organs enslave you"?

I am all for this, of course! But I don't think it was anywhere implied that she treats her partners like shit because she thinks her pussy is boss. I think she just enjoys the power it has over some men, in bed. ;)

(Deleted comment)
LOL I didn't even think about that!

This is absolutely awesome.

... but isn't that the whole point of the "you've got balls" saying? It means nothing if the balls are huge steely things incapable of being hurt. It's only an amazing feat to risk the balls because there's a massive chance of them getting so easily hurt. You have to be really crazy or confident/strong to put yourself in such a situation that your tender balls might get hurt.

So, while what the rest of this post may be saying is true, that's a fail there.

Then why pick something entirely male? Having balls is "being a man". Not having balls is being a woman. Or castration, which lowers the testosterone levels and (often) the aggressive drive defining ballsiness.

Sayings: they are not literally about anatomy.

This is, without a doubt, THE most awesome MQ I have ever read.

i was going to snigger at the fact that (before this comment) this MQ had 69 comments.

then i noticed the person quoted had 69 in their username.

now i just feel disappointed in myself for not noticing sooner

Ok, here's my answer to that.

Men do dangerous things. It makes them feel brave and look brave to other men. A lot of the times, the things men call "dangerous", woman call "stupid" and many times with good reason. So, in the eyes of men, if you do something "dangerous/stupid" you have balls. Women are usually too smart to do "stupid/dangerous" things like trying to jump a riding lawnmower over a creek and if you won't do something "stupid/dangerous" then you are a pussy.


Doing "dangerous/stupid" things = Being dumb/having balls.
NOT doing "stupid/dangerous" things = Being smart/being a pussy.

I love it.

Mostly because I live with four guys of college age and ohmygod they do the most idiotic things. Not because it's dangerous, but because they think it's fun.

well said. I've been thinking the same for a while now. except for the graphic part about the uterus. I'm going to try and enable this positive thinking concerning that organ in the future.

Predictably, the post about genitalia starts wank. *eyeroll*

I see what you did there...

That text rocks! Go power of the vagina and of the uterus! The guys should stop being such balls.


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