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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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...yeah, that's going to end well.
kshandra wrote in metaquotes
bovil, on the latest in a series of Dumb Marketing MovesTM:

Much hay has been made of "syfy" being Polish for venereal disease, and it's good for a giggle.

It's not really, though. "syf" is short for "syfilis." "syfy" is a plural form in Polish. It's often used to refer to filth and can refer to venereal disease. It's also used to refer to really bad acne.

"The Acne Channel" is a really great way to distance the network from dysfunctional antisocial boys in their parents' basements. Really it is...

Context thinks skiffy is spiffy.

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...I don't see it posted here....

Agreed. Looking back, that was kindof a dick comment.

Eh, we all have moments of rectal haberdashery.

I seem to be having many of those moments tonight lol.

rectal haberdashery

What a fantastic piece of terminology.

Thank you! I wouldn't swear to being the originator, but I know I got in the habit of using it after seeing "ass haberdashery" once or twice and thinking "ooh, that could be more sonic...."

"ooh, that could be more sonic...."


Can I have this icon? I love it.

Also, borrowing the phrase "rectal haberdashery". AWESOME.

Sure. Just link to the shirt in keywords & comments.

Unless someone copied an entry of hers word for word, it's original in my book. Got a link?

Her's is Flocked, unfortunately.

Okay, but is it word-for-word the same?

I know two people who independently came up with "Who custards the custodians?" in reference to the Watchmen and being silly with Latin, (Because I'm one of 'em) but I wouldn't call either of us plagiarists.

Unlikely; I checked, and bovil doesn't have ladyofthelog f'listed. And you're right in that it certainly wouldn't be the first case of simultaneous generation ever.

Thanks for being a rockin' mod, as always. :D

It's definitely not word for word, but very similar. I'm not trying to say that someone plagiarized her post. My original comment was more tongue in cheek "she thought out it first neener neener".

Whew. Okay, cool. Just wanted to make sure.

I hate having a lot of fuss and bother over what's essentially a snarky comment, but one thing I take pretty seriously is credit where credit's due for stuff.

(In other words- STOP POSTING DANE COOK ROUTINES, people!)

Edited at 2009-03-18 02:38 am (UTC)

That user pic is fantastic.

The Polish translations originally came from a Polish-speaking commenter on John Scalzi's Whatever, and the discussion has been floating around the net since mid-afternoon...

This is bloody brilliant.

God, I fuckin' love this. Especially since the first SciFi fan I ever met in real life could not be more opposite than the stereotype... but then every single one I met afterward confirmed .

metaquotes always makes my night class more tolerable. Thanks! :D

Nice to see a network really understanding its core demographic for a change.

Hardly. When I was a teenager, I didn't need to be reminded I had acne . . .

Also, the singular 'syf' refers to any kind of a mess, rubbish, junk, and filth, too.

SciFi has just appeared on Polish TV few months ago, and they're showing (among some other things) the eighth season of Charmed, and the new Flash Gordon. I giggled quietly about the name change, and then figured they aren't that far off.

*snort* I'm really enjoying this whole train wreck.

Which is odd, because "SyFy" is going out of its way to alienate those dysfunctional antisocial boys in their parents' basements in favor of "mainstream" popularity.

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