Jeeps (glitterdemon) wrote in metaquotes,

So I have CoS playing in the background while I work, and on a whim I decided to set the French subtitles running. Some of the character names in the subtitles are different, I don't know why - Snape, for example, is now Rogue, which brings up weird and bad thoughts of X-Men crossovers - and they changed Tom Riddle's last name to something, I forget what.

Well, of course Tom Marvolo Somethingelse doesn't rearrange to I Am Lord Voldemort, so they had to give him a new middle name too. You know what French!Tom's middle name is?

Elvis. No, shut up, I'm serious.

I can just see a team of translators shrieking in delight when they figured out that "Je suis Voldemort" was going to require Elvis as a middle name. See, and you thought Elvis was dead. Not so. It's only going to be a matter of time before Voldemort brings the white glittery suits out of mothballs, grows out his sideburns, and takes back his rightful place as the King, and then Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys are going to PAY.

- mirabellawotr
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