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From the ever-entertaining emrinalexander on annoying people in shops:

I hate people who have to make this big production out of what should be a simple and polite request. Hellooo - you are shopping at Foodland. Please don't ask me to move out of your way, when I'm not in it in the first place, in the tone of voice that implies: "I have to get over to baked goods RIGHT NOW, the cure all economic evils is loitering in the french rolls!"

Well, I have PMS so it was not her lucky night. Instead of simply blushing and flinging myself bodily into the shampoo rack, as I would under normal circumstances, I stood my ground. "I'm not blocking your way, unless you plan on becoming a double wide trailer in the near future." And went back to my shampoo perusing.

She sniffed and - amazingly! - sailed past me without any difficulty at all. I don't know what her problem was - maybe she belongs to a religious cult that forbids the buying of deoderant in the presence of a heretic.

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