Bottled Monster (dae) wrote in metaquotes,
Bottled Monster

Chairman Cheops has some words of wisdom...

"If I had one thing I would want people to learn from me, it would be this:

Everything you ever do - absolutely EVERYTHING - is going to be a GIANT fucking pain in the ass.


On the occasion when something is NOT a giant fucking pain in the ass, you got LUCKY. Next time it will be.

We'll call this Gray's Axiom.

I think if everyone went about their lives with this attitude, we'd be better prepared in general, subjected to way fewer unpleasant surprises, and we'd feel luckier, too.

Person A: "Why did you bring 100 yards of rope, a hatchet, water purifying pills, and 60 days worth of freeze-dried food on this flight? Did you know it was going to be taken over by terrorists and then crashed on a remote desert island?"
Person B: "Nope. Gray's Axiom." *chops terrorist*

There you have it. Words of wisdom from a pompous, bitter ass. You can never have this time back."

Context is QWP, as much of a huge pain in the ass as it was... :P
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