captaincee (captaincee) wrote in metaquotes,

Does this count as "Caroling?"

ouroborian is celebrating:

...and singing what - this being Christmas - we'll call "Good King Wench's Ass."

Good King Wench's Ass went down, on Marissa Stevens
Who was known around the town, for going unshaven
Rightly found the man - 'twas tight, though the bush was cruel
But the man a bush gives fright, well, he is a fool

Quickly round her he did spin, and bent her over table
With no fumble stuck it in, and thus we get the fable
From the back he took his toll from the fair-haired lass
And now you know just why they call him Good King Winch's Ass!

I pause for a moment, my creativity having shot it's load before I had the chance. "You take a verse," I cry.

is celebratory.

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