Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote in metaquotes,

Cats. Love them or hate them, you can't understand them.

twystedpixie's cat is a voyeur:
Today, however, his fetish just took a turn for the creepy. Hilariously, unintentionally creepy.

I was in the shower and he was in the bathroom (naturally), sitting on the toilet (naturally), which is usually enough to entertain him as I shower. But not this time. He started this piteous mewing that was so much louder and more pronounced than his usual kittenish little meeps and squeaks that I thought he had gotten his paw stuck in the shower curtain or had hurt himself. I stuck my head out to find him standing right outside the bathtub, blinking up at me. He immediately stopped his caterwauling, and I scratched his nose, drew the shower curtain closed again, and resumed showering. Cue him meowing at the top of his little lungs again. Again, I pulled back the curtain and again, as soon as he saw me, he stopped fretting: *purrrrrrrrr* For a third time, I closed the curtain and rinsed my--


*yanking open the curtain again, shampoo suds drizzling down my neck*

"Kitten, WHAAAT??"

*immediate purring upon seeing my face*

"Kitten, I know you want attention now, NOW, RIGHTTHEFUCKNOW!!!, but I'm naked and covered in soap suds, here. You're gonna just have to--"


The solution was that I had to leave the shower curtain partly open the entire time I showered, so Loki could sit and have an unobstructed view of me, the object of his affection, as I showered. I can't tell you how absurdly unsettling, how self-deprecatingly hilarious it is, to feel like you're the object of a voyeuristic feline peepshow. But trust me, it is.

God, he's such a weird little furball.

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