a sudden absence of bees (sabotabby) wrote in metaquotes,
a sudden absence of bees

Bush was nominated for the Nobel Prize...

The ever-quotable apocalypsos:

Dear President Bush,
We were very pleased to receive your application for the Nobel Peace Prize. However, we feel we must disqualify you due to your answer to Question One:
1. Have you started any wars?
_ Absolutely not!
_ Well, just the one. But I had a really good reason!
X Okay, so maybe two. And I did start a war on terror, but like that really counts.
The Nobel Committee

To which anne_jumps responds:

The world has now jumped the shark.

Although, in all fairness kids, Nobel was the guy who invented dynamite. This whole debacle brings to mind one of my favourite quotes. "Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize". -- Tom Lehrer

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