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An imaginary fly on the wall at

As per NJ, eHarmony must make a parallel service available to the LGBT community.

The bad news? As capulet_rose observes,

The name just makes it sound like they've been reading too many science journals. In a very roundabout way, they may have been inspired by when figuring out a name. Hmm...

*wavy imagination lines*

Inside eHarmony headquarters:

Suit#1(slams down phone):"That was our soon-to-be former legal team. They lost the case. We have to make a gay networking site! Can you believe it? What the hell are we going to call this thing?"

Suit#2:"No clue. Who'll be our main competition? Intern!"

Intern: "Um...(fumbles with papers)that would be..., Sir."

Suit#2: "Those queers sure do like their science, don't they?"

Suit#1: "It's all a part of that agenda of theirs. They take the word of God out of the equation and replace it with a bunch of scientific mamby-pamby."

Suit#2: "Horrible-- what's this world coming to?" (shakes head sadly) "Now-- chemistry! What do I remember about chemistry?" (puts on thinking face, strokes goatee) "How about... Covalent Bonds?"

Suit#1: "It's good, but it's a bit too obvious. It has to sound original. We just settled one lawsuit. I don't need some MySpace vs. Facebook sort of fuck-up to deal with before we can hire a better legal team."

Suit#2(nods head in agreement): "Intern! What do you think?"

Intern(fumbles): Um... uh... what do I think? Well... how about um...(shrugs) Compatible Partners?"

Suit#2: "Perfect! [Suit#1], what do you think?"

Suit#1: "It sounds good to me. Well, I'm glad that that's settled! We can send out the press release, and it's not even lunchtime!"

Context (in comments at rm's journal) is casting for The Movie.

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