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spiritcreations is ill.

Recipe for Disaster

1 tablespoon headache, pounding
3 parts sore throat, inflamed and streaky - swollen, if possible
1 stick of white crap to smear on the back of your throat, blotchy preferred
5 cups of green and bloody snot, constantly dripping
3 sticks of thrush
2 cups body/joint/muscle aches
1-1/2 cups nausea/intestinal cramping
10 squirts of diarrhea, slighty lumpy (not related, I just have an IBS flare on top of things)
4 dashes of sneezing
1 cough
1/2 gallon puke, chunky, preferably
10 tsp dry heaves
1/2 cup rash, sprinkled all over
3 sticks hot flashes
2-3/4 cups cold chills

Mix together. Bake at 102.4 F. Smear on a thin layer of fatigue. Serve hot, then cold, then hot, then cold, and then hot again. Enjoy.

Context has no sick time left. Open post, qwp.

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