nekosensei (nekosensei) wrote in metaquotes,

Karma Bites

Wherein pisica describes her stepmother's hospital stay...

My dad and stepmother, living as they do in a rural area, have plenty of cats, and seem to acquire more on a regular basis. One of the new ones had to be taken to the vet to get fixed (cue me and my dad simultaneously pointing out 'but it wasn't broken') and during the getting-it-into-the-crate segment, it bit my stepmother. The wound wasn't healing, and her doctor's office was closed, so they went to the emergency room, where a doctor took one look at her and put her on massive antibiotics. Thankfully they worked, so the second night in hospital was largely for observation, and also thankfully the treatment didn't cause a reaction (she has chronic health problems).

Here's the punch line:

The cat's name was.........Karma.

Context is friend's locked, but quoted with permission.

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