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oakenguy is going to NYC for the weekend.

He's supposed to meet up with someone, but is not sure she will show.

On the other hand, here's just a partial list of the events going on there tomorrow:

*The New York Comedy Festival
*The New York Chocolate Show
*Neil Gaiman giving a reading

In other words, the only way it could be any MORE tailor-made to appeal to me is if there was an event called "If Your Name's Brian, Come Be an Extra on '30 Rock' (half hour chat with Tina Fey where she gives you the names of some contacts, friends you on Facebook and playfully ruffles your hair a few times included)". And maybe there IS--I'll look around for flyers while I'm down there.

I'm almost hoping birth mom *doesn't* show now.

Sauce is OK with being stood up if it gets to meet Tina Fey, QWP.

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