xidiomaticlogic (xidiomaticlogic) wrote in metaquotes,

Coke vs Pepsi

joasakura responds to the NSFW lyrics to a Pepsi commercial song:

xidiomaticlogic: My question is: where was pepsi when I was 15 and most certainly not getting head? OR TAKEN TO THE RITZ. This seems to be false advertising.

I think the Coke vs Pepsi debate is settled forever for me. Coke doesn't have the balls to compare their product to underage gay blowjobs.

joasakura: It's a bold, bold marketing move.

And back in the day, people had to MAKE their own oral sex, by jiminy! None of this caffinated blowjob in a can you young people have today!

And we had to walk uphill both ways to get them!

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