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coggs is sick of Bush jokes:

Dear God,
A lot of people are asking for a lot of things from you today. A lot of people want victory or defeat. I don't want either of those things. I just want the Bush jokes to stop.

God, they were never that funny. And then they went over forever, stretched long, long, long beyond their freshness date. It was like watching a nation discover that "Orange you glad I didn't say banana" knock-knock joke and then tell it for EIGHT YEARS.

So please. Stop the Bushisms. Stop the bumper stickers. Stop the terrible impersonations, impersonations I find embarrassing to watch, wince at like watching a good friend really fuck up their line in the school play. They hurt my heart, God. I want them gone.

We have had to sit through eight years of comedy pain, God. And it's not like many good comedic things didn't come out of Bush--I think we all agree that The Daily Show got even better--it's that none of those things were ever solely about mocking him, and the things that were tended to suck hard. Eight years is long enough for me to want to punch a good deal of the people I supposedly agree with, God. Let's stop it here, today.


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