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Not to be confused with the Fat Men from Space

demiurgent recalls the New Hampshire primaries...and one group he expects today:

when I swung in to vote in the primary, there were all our various activists standing right at the legal limit line away from the polling place (no politicking within X feet). They had their signs. All were enthusiastic in their own ways, pushing their various candidates in all parties.

All, that is, but one small coterie.

They were men.

Unsmiling men.

Unsmiling bearded men.

For Ron Paul.

They stood, with their sign, solemnly and without joy. They watched us. They judged us. They had their duty and they were following it. For indeed, they were the Unsmiling Bearded Men for Ron Paul.

I anticipate I'll see them at the polling place tomorrow. They may have a Bob Barr sign. They might even be going out for McCain, though it seems unlikely. And of course, they may be supporting Ron Paul. But I expect -- and hope -- to see them, expressing themselves. Trying, in their own quiet way, to show us the proper path. To save the community. To save the nation.

For they are the Unsmiling Bearded Men for Ron Paul, and this is what they do.
Context is Ron Paul capturing 4% of the vote so far (read: 2 votes).

In a later post, Eric wonders if it's wrong of him... want to write a book or six detailing the adventures of the Unsmiling Bearded Men for Ron Paul?

All I'm saying is I'm pretty sure they're armed, and if Moon Men or unfrozen Nazis came at them, I'm betting on the Unsmiling Bearded Men.
To which hooverdam replied:

Didn't Ayn Rand already do that?

All QWP.

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