I Dream of the Silk That Is Tangled Inside You (vaspider) wrote in metaquotes,
I Dream of the Silk That Is Tangled Inside You

matociquala: You know how some people complain their household pets aren't particularly interactive? I never seem to have that problem.

I have handed the Presumptuous Cat a terrifying new weapon in her quest for world domination. Now, when she wants to wake me in the middle of the night, she can come and stand on my healing tattoo. Thanks, Cat. That's a little uncomfortable.

I wonder if cats have conferences and hold studies about what bit of the monkey to stand on for best effect.

vatine: I can see it now. Cat conference on twoleg torture, Maine January 3rd to 7th, with program items like "comparative study of nose-in-armpit on three twolegs", "tattoos, only for standing on or worthy of claw insertion?" and "wetfood or dryfood? a study into cost and inconvenience".

Context has a lot more humor.

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