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Ty comments on the debate

tydestra comments along with the final presidential debate:

  • Planetariums are important. Overhead projectors in planetariums? Because our children is learning.
  • Holy shit! Vietcong McCain is back in action, now with fully posable smackdown arms.
  • It's really third time is a charm. I'm really getting some oldtimey smackdown coming from them.
  • Fox news disagreeing with Republicans?  That's like Jesus coming down to earth and telling Mary "You're a whore!"
  • "I have a history" Of course you have a history, you're 500 years old!
  • Look at oldman McCain, he's like an old bear in a corner thinking "Let's see what hurts!"
  • I'm waiting for him to go "Hey negro, get off my lawn!"
  • You've been tortured in a cage for five years? You should be able to take a few insults.
  • McCain has gone from Navy boy, to Vietnam soldier, to POW, to hometown hero, to maverick. Now he's a whinny little blue eyed, blonde haired home coming queen.
  • Biden is easy on the eyes, but if you fuck with my glow sticks you fuck with me.
  • He brought up the retard baby, holy crap!
  • As a government employee she is never going to have to worry about medication, she isn't like those regular special needs families.
  • He looks like the Toxic Avenger is growing out of his face.
  • I don't care how educated you get, if you are a minority, you have the "Nigga please!" Face.
  • His ears are huge. You want wind energy? Put his dumbo ass out on a windy day.

QWP unlocked

ETA: tydestra says, " If people focused less on being upset about a "bad word" and actually working for these causes... its safe to say that the families that need the help would get it. Words are things that come in and out of the ear, actions are what play it forward."

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