Nyke Young (nykeyoung) wrote in metaquotes,
Nyke Young

shaenon comments on "No on Prop. 8" ads

"One more thing: the anti-Prop 8 people are fighting the good fight, but they need better advertising. So far I've seen two 'No on Prop 8' ads: a factually correct but bland spot pointing out that the Yes on 8 spots are full of baldfaced lies, and an ad that boils down to, 'Yes, the gays are icky, but we shouldn't discriminate against them, maybe.' Surely we can do better than that. Can't some movie star from liberal Hollywood volunteer to speak up? Think of what you could do with, say, Tom Hanks:

"TOM HANKS: Hi, it's me, Tom Hanks. Remember when I died in 'Philadelphia'? That was really sad, huh? Well, I died because of Proposition 8. Also when I died in 'Saving Private Ryan.' That was Prop 8's fault too. In fact, every vote against marriage equality is a vote for the death of a lovable character played by me, Tommy Hanks. If Prop 8 passes, I can guarantee you that Woody will die in 'Toy Story 3.' Try explaining that one to your kids, assholes."

Context, QWP

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