gwalla (gwalla) wrote in metaquotes,

From scribe_of_stars:
So you heard that the banks of six countries slashed their interest rates simultaneously in an attempt to boost the market, right? Well, there's something you don't know, something that those governments tried to hush up. Immediately after it happened, a blinding flash of light engulfed the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. When it subsided, an athletic-looking, blue-skinned man wearing spandex stood before the stunned investors. He had only one thing to say before flying off, ostensibly to help solve the economic crisis.

"By your rate cuts combined," he declared, "I AM CAPTAIN CREDIT!"
Context has the power of heart.

In a later post, we get the Captain Credit theme song:
Captain Credit! He's our hero!
Gonna take stagnation down to zero!
Gonna help him rend asunder
The mortgage groups who drove us under!

"You'll pay for this, Captain monthly installments!"
Both QWP.
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