Lucy (lucy_k_p) wrote in metaquotes,

the_werefrog predicts the future...

I can see it now... the War or Terror, the Axis of Evil...

... Vladimir Putin, hiding out in the mountains of Alaska, evading capture by the "experts at the Pentagon"...

... the Americans, bombing themselves and their allies in their usual attempt to use brute force to combat a single man who can appear out of nowhere, kung-fu some squaddie into submission, and then disappears again...

... Patriot Act III, granting the US government the authority to, at will, check sheds and outhouses just in case there's a Russian president hiding behind the lawnmower...

... Governor Palin researching the situation and trying to work out a solution, before realising she's managed to replace all relevant text books with copies of the King James Bible...

... America giving up half-way through and decided to go after a vaguely related target instead, as long as it has oil. The US invades Arkansas.

Context, QWP.
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