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seorgia think this is painfully obvious...

I'm up watching this show called the Neanderthal Code which is basically about whether or not humans and neanderthals actually killed one another or made babies. Right now they are getting into whether or not humans and neanderthals would have mated. I'm sorry guys but you are looking at this from the entirely wrong perspective. What could have stopped humans from fucking neanderthals?? We have people who fuck vegetables for Christ's sake and even dogs. I like to be tied up and spanked once in a while. Humans are horny, horny animals who will fuck anything that moves or hell anything that doesn't move. We invented the internet to make our access to porn just that much faster. The first hundred or so DVDs? Porn. Some of the first literature? Porn. First artistry? Porn. First graffiti? Porn. So please, let's take the kiddie filters off and just admit that yes they did have sex and move on to the real question of whether they could make viable offspring. Sometimes I wonder if these guys don't spend too much time digging in the dirt and not enough looking around at how people act.

qwipped, though that's the whole post.
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