Mhael - Emperor of the First Terran Empire (mhael) wrote in metaquotes,
Mhael - Emperor of the First Terran Empire

Some people have too much logic...

...and some people not enough.

We had this dude come up to the truck today, and he says, "I was trying to shoot up some vinegar and crack into my vein and missed."

Then he shows us this huge ass lump on his hand and asked us what he should do.

Well first off dumb ass, don't shoot up crack, and especially with vinegar. We told him that it was probably infected and the vinegar has probably ate away his tissue.

He says,"Well I am trying to get into the Army."

And without missing a beat I respond with, "you might want to lay off the crack, they really don't look favorable upon that."

Context (F-locked, QWP) wants to know why vinegar makes a good saline substitute?

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