Euryale (euryale000) wrote in metaquotes,

i'd vote for a hamster if i thought it would beat Bush

from wellstar who is a wee bit insane:

What I do have an opinion on, however, is frozencapybara/smacaski's (sorry, I don't know which of you coined the slogan) "Kerry is My Hamster" campaign. I think this is a great idea, simply for the marketing value, namely the singing-dancing hamster doll that is sort of like a cross between the Businessman Hamster (the one without the handcuffs) and the Elvis Hamster (the one with the big hair), but sings a rockin' rendition of the Capitol Steps' "Then Along Came Kerry." Actually, come to think of it, a whole slew of presidential campaign hamsters would be a good way to liven up the race. Especially if the Democratish ones broke into a chorus of "Kung Fu Fighting" every time Bush's name came up. Well, maybe not every time...that would get old. But what song would the Bush hamster sing? I mean, obviously, the John Ashcroft hamster would sing "I'll Be Watching You" but it seems a shame to ruin "Another Postcard" with a reference to Bush.

Also, Josh Ashcroft would be very displeased to see the words with which the spell-checker wants to replace his surname: Antiaircraft, Aggrieved, Witchcraft...

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