the blue rose who kept her thorns (fire_and_a_rose) wrote in metaquotes,
the blue rose who kept her thorns

Don't you want to try this now?

From steahl

I don't mind people knocking on my door...

Except when I get to scare them. That's just plain fun.

Today...I got a religiou man. He stood outside my door and said "The Lord is My Shephered, I shall not want. Is the lord your shepherd?"

I smiled. I do not mind other's religions...unless they come to my door. So, naturally, my response was rather...odd. "No, Shepherds fleece the flock and sell our children. Then, when we get too old to bear wee lambs, we are ourself eaten in a stew...not my type of person at all."

Poor man...he blinked...and his mouth opened a few times...and he left.

I, naturally, went back to bed.

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