Miranda Laine (sugarblue_sunny) wrote in metaquotes,
Miranda Laine

Two quotes from vinnysbigmouth , because we haven't had enough political posts:

We’re at a dangerous juncture right now. If I may use a dating metaphor, this is the part of the night where you’re, like, 70% sure you’re getting laid. It’s not QUITE there yet, but you’re headed in that direction, and you’ve just got to hang in there. The monologue in your head is humming:” Okay, easy now, just let it happen. Don’t say anything stupid. Don’t tell her about your athlete’s foot, just stay cool, let it roll downhill from here. All the heavy lifting’s over, chief. Just let her finish that drink and then we’re outta here. Hmmm…it’s getting a little quiet. Say something witty!”

“Before we leave I gotta go poopy.”


Context is winking at Joe Six-pack

P.S.: Wouldn’t it have been great if last night, during the V.P. debate, Katie Couric had suddenly jumped out at Sarah Palin from the wings?

“Well, you know, gosh golly darn it, Jahn McCain and I are gonna….”


“AAAAAAAAAHHHH!! Snow is made of angel feathers!!! I only read tea leaves!! I once saw an iceberg shaped like Jesus’ head!!! That old man said I was gonna have an important job!! I don’t know where Canada is!! I have a polar-bear-skin hat!! Eskimo kisses make babies!! Get away from me, foul witch!!

Context is an answer that's already been given, to a question that hasn't actually been asked.

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