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...and stop prattling on about curtains...

futuresoon was having an inner conflict...

BRAIN: One day, girl, you'll come back to all this.
HEART: What, the homework assignment?
BRAIN: No, not the homework assignment, girl. Heroes! The fanfiction and vids stretched out over the internet! This'll be your fandom, girl!
HEART: But Brain, I don't want any of that.
BRAIN: Listen, girl. This fandom built your fan status up from nothing. When you started with fannish interests, all you had was Invader Zim. All the over-14 fans on the internet said you were daft to stick around there. But you tried it all the same, just to show'em. Your interest sank. So you tried with LotR. That interest sank. So you tried with Lost. That burned down, fell over, then sank. But Heroes stayed up. An' that's what you're gonna get, girl--the strongest fannish love you've ever had.
HEART: But I don't want any of that--I'd rather--
BRAIN: Rather what?!
HEART: I'd rather...just...sing write Supernatural!

Context may or may not have actually finished the homework assignment.
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