Rear Admiral Snuffleupagus, Esq. (blienky27) wrote in metaquotes,
Rear Admiral Snuffleupagus, Esq.

dallirious does some cartoon math...

And ends up with politics.

In other Rocky & Bullwinkle news I vote Natasha Fatale should run for Vice President. Or maybe even President. I mean how brilliant would that be. Let's have a look at her credentials:

- She's intelligent.
- She's a woman!
- She's good looking.
- She has a strong, although slightly deranged following.
- She works for an old military guy.
- She hunts Moose and Squirrel.
- Depending on the maps drawn each week, she can see Russia from her house...

Wait a minute...

Context is still searching for Moose & Skvirrel. Qwip and all that.
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