The Magdalen Writing (nebroadwe) wrote in metaquotes,
The Magdalen Writing

ishte has some marketing advice for would-be street vendors after Hurricane Ike:
Me, I'm thinking, If you want to sell me meat, first you should put a shirt on. Have teeth, and not have several large cuts on your chest and belly that look like you've been in a knife fight. Also do not present your wares as "I've already applied for welfare" because in that case I'm already helping you. Also, when I tell you I can't help you, don't go all mushy like you're going to help me out by opening my car door for me before I am ready to get out. Don't call my 'baby' and get all apologetic because you think you've offended me. Of course you have offended me. You tried to sell me meat out of a plastic bag in a parking lot with no shirt on, a slashed up torso and no teeth, and told me that the meat will spoil (as if you're selling it out of your fridge or something) Especially don't tell me that.
Context objects to the hard sell. QWP.
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