jehannamama (jehannamama) wrote in metaquotes,

Frombluesgirly , Will The Real Maverick Please Stand Up

Dear readers, I have had a shocking and dramatic change of heart. John McCain and Sarah Palin have convinced me that overturning Roe v. Wade is a magnificent idea and we must pursue it at once.
John McCain particularly influenced me on this because he is a beacon of character standing up for the rights of the unborn. I’m positive he’s caught on to us miserable sluts having abortions willy-nilly and with the same frequency with which we sneeze. Obviously, we need to be stopped like the runaway trains of death we are. He is a very perceptive man. And, a maverick.
I am a maverick too. Thus, I have a plan~

And please do go and read her entire plan. My cheeks hurt from laughing! It's brilliant!


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