Oy Vader, Dark Rabbi of the Sith (arib) wrote in metaquotes,
Oy Vader, Dark Rabbi of the Sith

Green Lantern silliness

Over in scans_daily a discussion was had about Rot Lop Fan, the Green Lantern who comes from a species that evolved without eyesight.
sertel posited:

It is quite an interesting story, though I'm glad he chose the sense of hearing and not, well... the sense of smell, taste, or touch. Yeesh. Can you imagine constructs of smells or tastes?

To which jkcarrier replied:

"In sewer drain or garden of rose
No evil shall escape my nose
Let those who think that crime is smart
Beware my power, the Methane Fart!"

Context is here: http://community.livejournal.com/scans_daily/6218135.html QWP.

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