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They'd be like water balloons...

Dear C.S. Lewis,

I know you are dead and cannot hear me, but I think I have a very serious problem with your books.

In The Last Battle, your characters eat fruit in the afterlife. It's described as fruit that's juicier and more melting than any Earth fruit, enough to make them seem sour and wooden. At least, that's the description of the pears, which is the one that's always stuck with me.

However, in the last week, I've eaten fruit that is definitely juicy and melting enough that it's already difficult to eat. I seriously just had a rainstorm of peach juice land on my track pants. And I'm sure that that Narnia-within-Narnia fruit was very delicious and absolutely fabulous, but were you just using hyperbole? I kind of hope so, because otherwise that superlatively juicy fruit would be completely impossible to consume tidily.

All Due Respect,
Chloe K. 'Fruit Juice BUUUURNS' Evil

Context needs a moist towelette. Locked, QWP.

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