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kellzilla takes her car to the shop:

So Mom and I took my car in to the specialists today, dropping it off at 7am.


The car was operating normally again. LOL All dashboard items functioning properly, just the extra light of the check-engine warning light. LOL

So we were like "??? can has fix N E WAY???" and they were like "??? DUNNO?"

and so I called at 11am and they were like "??? NO FIND FIXIE?" and I was like "??? POUR WATER ON?" and they were like "??? MAKEY NO SENSE" and I was like "??? IT NOT WORK WHEN RAIN?" and they were like "??? KK TRY?"

and so I called just now and they were like "??? NO FIND FIXIE?" and I was like "??? WHEN CAN PICKUP AND $$$?" and they were like "!!! NO CHARGE :) :) :) :) :) :)" and I was like "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KK YAY TYTYTYTYTYTY"

so I called Mom and I was like "LOL NO CHARGE :) :) :) :) :)" and she was like "NO LOL, WHAT IF HAPPEN ON ROAD" and I was like ":( :( :( :( IT HAPPENS? IT HAPPENS" and she was like ":( :( :( :( :("

and I was like *takes ritalin*

QWP, Context will blow up on the freeway.

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