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The wonderful Ms. mollyringwraith has yet again spoken wisdom and wit re: LOTR Oscar nominations, whole post here:

mollyringwraith: no acting nominations whatsoever? We'll kill them, precious, yes we will, and we'll give Sean and Elijah the Oscars once the nassty Academy snobses are dead. Ye-essss!
Ugh. Sean Astin, if you're reading this (hah), you've got about eight million extremely angry fans ready to rise up and stage a mutiny in your honor, and give you the award you deserve.

narsil_reforged: But look on the bright side, there's still next ye--oh bugger I forgot... *pummels self with broadside of sword* Okay, plan B for bright side: RotK is BY FAR the superior choice for best picture; if Seabiscuit wins I will personally buy out every single copy of it in my hometown, and have a little demolition derby.
*insert maniacal laugh here*
What the H. E. Double hockey sticks IS a fucking seabiscuit anyway, a whale turd???
*strangles nearest innocent bystander in aggravation*

ems: Bloody disgrace, I tell thee. If Sean Astin didn't deserve an Oscar, I'll eat my Lord of the Rings boxset. Hardback.

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