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My god! It's all TRUE!

meiran discovers a startling parallel:

Okay, so we've figured it out.

The original Stargate movie was like TOS Star Trek, really good, had it's flaws, a little cheesy, and there's not as much there as people remember. But a great universe that is great to play in.

Then came SG-1, which was Next Generation. Younger actors, a little more hip, a lot more allegory, and really made the franchise the beloved juggernaut that it is. It has the most seasons, and the bulk of the best remembered moments. People argue if Kurt Russell or RDA is the best O'Neill, and nobody will believe that they're just different.

Then there was Atlantis, which is DS9. A specific off-world base as the home area, a galactic civil war that threatens our race, and while there's diplomacy it's a bit more hard edged. While it has a lot of great moments, and some really fabulous characters, it never quite catches on and there's some weird missteps along the way (this comparison is harder for me because I never watched DS9, but I can see the similarities). A couple characters cross over from SG-1 to Atlantis (Instead of Worf and O'Brian we have McKay and Carter).

We also have Ark of Truth, Continuum, and other planned movie projects to compare to the films.

Now they've announced Stargate Universe and it's Voyager. They're stuck on a ship and they don't think they're ever going to get home, and since it's "exploring the origins of the gates" it's definitely going to take the given mythos and continuity and just chuck it right out the window and muddle it all up and make it confusing. Plus, they're going to make it more aimed at a younger generation, so a watered down version of what came before.

So! Right now I predict that when Universe gets canceled about 4 years into it's run, they'll announce a new show that's set in the 1930's or the 1950's about the origins of the Stargate program. It'll really throw everything on it's head because nobody will really understand how it could fit in with what was revealed on SG-1 or how any of it actually works out, but the show will slowly get better until in it's third season it'll really be fantastic and start building a strong fanbase like the show hasn't seen since Richard Dean Anderson left, at which point it will be abrubtly canceled, making everyone mourn that it's the first time in decades that there hasn't been some form of Stargate on the air.

Then they'll announce that a hot new director-producer is going back to the beginning and redoing the origin story of the first movie with all new actors, most of which people will bitch are nothing like Kurt Russell and James Spader, and make the whole universe a little darker and grittier while revisiting where it came from originally. The first teaser trailer will just be a close up of a chevron. ; )

Original context made me laugh and was QWP.
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