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The all-purpose accessory!

Belatedly gacked with permission from pegkerr

My office has been doing a Secret Pal program the last week, where those who participate exchange small gifts, secretly, with someone else in the office. There will be a lunch tomorrow, where we'll find out who our Secret Pals are.

Yesterday, I came back to my desk and found a little gift box and opened it up. I found a nice pair of work out socks, the sort that wick away your perspiration, and I thought, huh, it's someone who has been hearing me talk all the time about working out. Suddenly I began to giggle.

"What is it?" asked Nola, the secretary at the next desk.

I held up the socks with a grin.

"Harry Potter . . . has given Dobby socks!" I said in a high squeaky voice, and I widened my eyes maniacally. "Dobby is FREE!!!"

Nola, who has also read read the books, collapsed on the desk, laughing.

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