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Not Your Dad's Bert and Ernie
ckocher wrote in metaquotes
lordandrei is coming to terms with Sesame Street - The Next Generation.
One of the side effects of having a toddler is that after about a 25-30 yr hiatus I am regularly watching "Sesame Street" again.

To be able to watch Sesame Street after a hiatus requires coming back to it for about 2 weeks before you actually return from hiatus. So.. watch it as a kid... watch it some time in your young adult hood... then watch it as a parent.


Sesame Street has to change. It has to stay modern with educational methods as well as popular culture. This means that it's not your Sesame Street anymore.

Effectively, you need to pass through your own personal Kübler-Ross model with the show before you can move on and appreciate it again.

For those not familiar... to summarize:

The stages are:
  1. Denial
    Example - "This isn't really Sesame Street."; "This can't be what I'm really going to show my kids."
  2. Anger
    Example - "Hip Hop Theme? That's not the Theme!" ; "What's with this 'Elmo' Crap!?!?" ; "That doesn't even sound like Ernie!"
  3. Bargaining
    Example - "Just run the Ladybug Picnic."; "I'd watch if they bring Grover back."
  4. Depression
    Example - "My kid is not going to grow up well"; "I'm can't be a supportive parent without Sesame Street." ; "No one even knows what happened to David"
  5. Acceptance
    Example - "You know that Chris kid's pretty funny." ; (You know the order of skits on Elmo's World)

So, now you've accepted the Children's Television Workshop... the Sesame Workshop back into your life.


Of course, once they release DVDs, you can completely bypass this five-step path to acceptance, and go back to the real Sesame Street.

(Deleted comment)
You're missing a context link. Just warning ya before the Mod Squad shows up and stuff.

The entire post link is


I just followed to the board when I got the request. I don't tend to read m-quotes.

Wait. Woah, hold on, let's focus.

What happened to Grover?

Edited at 2008-08-23 08:02 pm (UTC)

Around the 80's and 90's

Frank Oz was too busy on several other projects for Muppets and on his own. Sesame Street, trying to create new monsters did a lot of new material and felt it was best to use more Elmo in place of Grover.

In the past 10 years however, they've brought back and added more Grover material in.

as long as cookie monster is still around, i'm happy.

Understanding, of course

Cookies are now only a "sometimes food"


They should show reruns of Sesame Street on one of those "classic" stations during the day. That would be awesome.

They had twelve sacks so they ran sack races
They fell on their backs and they fell on their faces

I'm also a fan of the Ten Tiny Turtles...
Ten eggplants...OVER EASY!

I also give you...the Sesame Street song lyrics archive!

(Deleted comment)
This post inspired me to go on a manhunt for Ray Charles singing "Bein' Green" (as he did on the 20th anniversary special that I still have on VHS somewhere from when it aired when I was 2 1/2 I MEAN UM...yeah).

CD's out of print. Damn shame. Though I did find it on YouTube.

I had massive crushes on both Ernie and the Count ca. 1990. (I think that's before I knew what "gay" meant.)

I don't know that this comment really had a point, but, um, rock on, Sesame Street.

Edited at 2008-08-23 08:34 pm (UTC)

I love your icon and I completely agree with you on being pre-gay. I had a huge crush on Darien and ALL the sexy villains from Sailor Moon. Not to mention all the Disney Villains I wanted to fuck meet in a dark alley....

I guess context would have helped

This is only the first half of the post.

Vegetable Monster ATE MY CHILDHOOD.

Does this mean that your childhood is now a 'sometimes food'?

I'm still in the Anger stage

Crap on a crutch, I hate the new Sesame Street! Keep the counting to 12 animated shorts with the disco music, keep the Ladybug Picnic, keep Grover and kill Elmo, for heaven's sake!

one-two-three-FOURFIVE-six-seven-eight-NINETEN-eleven-TWELVE! do do do do do do do do do *pinball and disco music*

I was born in '78 and I want my classic Sesame Street back!

Re: I'm still in the Anger stage

What about the poor pastry chef who could never stay upright when he was presenting his masterpieces?

one-two-three, four-five-six, seven-eight-nine-ten.
Ten-nine-eight, seven-six-five, four-three-two-one.
One ... two ... three ... four ... five
"Five strawberry pavlovas! ... oshit,stairs!!!"

They got rid of Grover?!?!?!? WAAAH!

Where did you get your icon?? I must have it!

1) Cookie Monster sold out
2) No, Cookie Monster still eats cookies, because 'Now is sometimes'.
3) He didn't sing the song, some freaky vegetable thing did. Then CM said his thing and ate a cookie.
4) Pulitzer Prizes look like cookies.

Your icon... I know it is Giles from Buffy, but when was he behind bars?

And heavens forfend they should tell you about Mr. Hooper!!!

(Damn, I AM dating myself there, ain't I?)

What about the Yip Yips? And Mr Two-Headed Monster? If they're gone, somebody is going to get shot.

Two headed monster and honkers are waaaay after my time

I like the offshoot they play on Sprout called Play With Me Sesame. My son watches it. :)

But nothing will ever beat the Sesame Street of the late 70's and early 80's. Except maybe the Electric Company. Or the Muppet Show.

OMG, The Electric Company! Ah, the memories... :D