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Well, ah never did see no Pepsi all jazzed up befo'!

nederlandergirlriffs on the racial ramifications of soft drinks.
So apparantely, in 2006, soft drinks had taken an even more obvious turn for the racist. We all knew that Pepsi products were black and Coke products were white; beneath that, Coca Cola was white and Pepsi was the black alternative. Ginger ale and soda water are white. Sprite and 7 Up are black. (If you don't believe me, check out the LeBron James and family ad for Sprite featured in People Magazine last month.) Root beer and cream soda were race-neutral, but certainly trailer trash. In house brands like RC Cola, anything President's Choice and drinks with names like Lemon Lime Sparkling Beverage that come in blue and green bottles are for NutriBar-chewing ex-hippies.
But what has the world come to now? Living in Canada, I was unaware of Pepsi Jazz. Yes, that's right. Pepsi Jazz comes in three flavours: strawberries and cream, caramel cream, and a daringly integrated French vanilla and black cherry.
Says spokesperson Ray Charles: "Lipsmackin' thirstquenchin' acetastin' motivatin' goodbuzzin' cooltalkin' highwalkin' fastlivin' evergivin' coolfizzin' Pepsi."

Context is makin' me thirsteh.
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